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The divorce selfie: Make it a photo finish with collaborative law

The notion that a divorce must be a highly confrontational and even combative event is as outdated as the film camera. A modern divorce in British Columbia can be a cooperative process that two people work through together in equal partnership. Collaborative law might be the key for those who would rather end their marriage with a selfie than a spat.

The idea of a divorce selfie may seem ridiculous to some. For others, however, it's a way to show the world that though the marriage may be over, there is still respect between the former spouses. This is especially important for divorcing parents, of which there are many in Canada.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2011, nearly one-quarter of all divorced couples had a child 18 years old or younger. How parents deal with each other during and after a divorce significantly affects a child's future. A 2008 study from a United States university, revealed that kids whose parents had a rough divorce were more than twice as likely to be impoverished and be able to get into post-secondary education, as were children whose parents split was at least civil.

Choosing collaborative law over a courtroom for a divorce can reduce stress, legal fees and make life easier for kids. Any man or woman in British Columbia considering taking this route might want to talk to a lawyer who has experience with alternative dispute resolution techniques for advice on how to proceed, and for support along the way. Whether or not to take a selfie is entirely up to the couple.

Source: Global News, "Here's what "divorce selfies" are teaching us about amicable break-ups, co-parenting", Dani-Elle Dube, June 6, 2017

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