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Strange but true: Mediation now could prevent a common cold later

Ask any good parent in New Westminster why he or she works so hard and sacrifices so much, and the answer will almost always be, "for the kids." Though a divorce can change a family, it does not change the desire of parents to do right by their children. In a remarkable new study, a team of researchers has found evidence to suggest that how parents deal with each other and their children after a divorce can affect the children's health, even into adulthood. Could divorce mediation possibly prevent the common cold?

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University conducted the study, and they published the results. A group of 201 healthy adults went into quarantine, where the researchers exposed them to a virus that can cause the common cold. The group was monitored for five days after exposure.

Subjects in the group who were young when their parents divorced or separated, got sick at a rate three times higher than those whose parents remained in contact with each other after splitting up. In fact, the latter group was no more likely to fall ill than subjects whose parents stayed married were. The results back up similar findings from previous studies looking at the effects of divorce on children's health. Remarkably, the authors of the study believe that exposure to high-conflict situations at a young age may have long-lasting health ramifications, perhaps even as long as 40 years after the initial events.

Common sense dictates that children suffer if their parents are openly combative, or if they cannot communicate with each other at all. While a divorce has a way of putting the participants at odds with one another, there are ways of minimizing the negativity that can help set parents on a path to a healthier future for their children. Although there's no guarantee their kids won't catch cold someday, a knowledgeable New Westminster lawyer can help a man or woman discover his or her own path through mediation, or another form of non-litigated divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, "An Ugly Divorce Could Affect Kids' Health For Years: Study", June 6, 2017

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