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Using mediation to protect children during a divorce

There is no doubt that a divorce takes an emotional toll on both spouses, regardless of their feelings about their marriage. While one may hope to minimize the personal strain, parents who end their marriage in British Columbia also need to be concerned with the welfare of their children. A divorce can be very traumatic for young ones, but by working together, perhaps through mediation, and following some simple guidelines, it may be possible to reduce the impact.

Children are highly sensitive to the emotions of those around them. Parents would do well to avoid fighting in front of them, as it can be very disturbing and upsetting. Parents should also avoid the temptation to blame the other spouse for the situation, or speak negatively about him or her to or around the children. Children are not emotionally equipped to handle information like this.

Except in rare cases, most children want both parents to be involved in their lives, even after a divorce. It is very important for parents to set aside their feelings for one another and focus on the children. This means working together to create a schedule of visitation that works for both parents, and then following it to the letter. Children thrive on routine, and take comfort knowing where they will be and when.

One of the best ways to have a civilized divorce is to try mediation. Mediation allows parents to work out a solution tailor made for their situation without any courtroom drama. The professionals at a British Columbia law firm familiar with alternative dispute resolution options may be able to help families stay on track as they negotiate this difficult time.

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